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Trading View

TradingView is a charting and analysis platform used by 30M+ traders & investors worldwide to spot opportunities across markets. 100+ indicators & drawing tools available for technical analysis.


smallcases are portfolios of stocks or ETFs, that track a theme, strategy or objective. They are managed by professionals and are fully customisable. Edit your smallcase constituents any time or create your own smallcase.


Stratzy is your virtual investment guide with no learning curve. Research and analysis reports for the stock market. Invest like the ultra rich do.


Algoji operates in the technology space and provides SaaS based software APIBridge. APIBridge helps traders to place orders with speed and precision on charting & analytical platforms, manually or algorithmically.


SquareOff provides fully automated Trading Bots that will place all trade entries without any manual intervention in your own Trading Account based on proven strategies.


GoCharting is a multi-asset orderflow charting and trading Platform which offers charting analytics, orderflow charting, order execution and option desk.

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Algomojo is an API-based Trading Platform to provide DIY (Do-It-Yourself) traders to build their trading strategies and automate in their own trading environment.

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StockAnts is a marketplace for price estimates. They sources price estimates from analysts, brokers, investors and new insights from amateurs to produce a wide spectrum of market views to enable better trade decisions for the Community.

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Anastrat help traders analyse their trading behaviour and minimise losses. This will help traders to boost & upskill trading performance with state-of the-art behavioral analytics and knowing critical insights about the trades to enhance the trading performance.

Intraday Screener

Intraday screener is one of the most advanced Intraday Stock market screener for scanning multiple stocks for trading opportunities in Indian Stock Markets . Intraday scanner has many pre made scans on technical analysis inbuilt which helps you to select best stocks for trading including next day stocks.

Intraday Screener

Modern Algos is a SEBI registered Research Analyst that helps improve your ROI by providing personalised actions and insights based on your objectives. It's Product Portfolios shall guide you to meet all your Investing and Trading needs.

Intraday Screener

Algo Crab is a Systematic Trading Platfrom which comes with 15 Pre-defined Strategies as well as with a Bridge tool which can connect the MT4, Trading View, Amibroker and all other charting tool. It helps to automate the trades easily without any manual intervention.

Intraday Screener

AlgoBulls is a trading marketplace that enables systematic trading and has the ability to deploy multiple trading strategies across asset classes. Users can choose from 170+ ready-to-use strategies or create and deploy their own strategies. AlgoBulls also offers a Fixed Income marketplace for users to invest in!

Intraday Screener

First B2B open distribution platform that lets you launch, productize and manage your advisory and research as products on top of Equities, ETFs that are otherwise not available, inaccessible and undiscoverable to your target market at scale powered by a transactional gateway where users can now directly transact with their own brokerage accounts.